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Richard Brown


Current Projects and Work Samples:

Storyline Projects

Storyline is a great tool for creating interactive scenarios or cases, useful for implementing authentic learning experiences in various professional settings and practicing real-world decision making (with feedback) without concern for having real-world consequences.



This is a video demonstration of the process of interacting with a case-based reasoning simulator, BioWorld, originally created to support training in the process of differential diagnosis. I have been heavily involved with repurposing this simulator for Pharmacy students and simulating the process of medication therapy management. I was not involved in creating this video. More information about my efforts related to case-based reasoning and simulations is located at -

Research and Statistics site

 DRAFT version; only modules 1, 2, and 3 have any flesh on them. These are the early drafts and will be self-standing modules, available for use by many courses/audiences. Module 3 is the closest to being complete. Additional graphics, images, and media will be added. Initial narrations (for the PPT slides) will be replaced with scripted versions. (UPDATE: I hesitate to share this site without being there, in person, to describe the current status of various elements - including the look and feel - and my vision for how the site will evolve. But, it is in DRAFT form.)

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