VideoANT - Annotating On-line Videos


I remain enthusiastic about the potential of VideoANT to support critical reflection by students and invite additional collaborations. Feel free to contact me directly at -

Recent Projects

1) Promoting Critical Reflection and Media Literacy: Ad Deconstruction

I have been collaborating with other faculty members in the design and implementation of an instructional strategy focused on having students access and annotate videos relevant to the content area of courses being taught by my collaborators. Examples of student work and the results of these studies are avaialble, below.

2) Identifying Procedural Errors: Locating or errors with following procedures/protocols correctly or performing other psychomotor skills. (Claire Kari; Dept. of Environmental Health and Safety. Lab Wars Game. Data from this project has yet to be summarized and additional uses are not planned at this time.) 

3) Creating a Table of Contents for Video. (Dr. Rod Carter; College of Pharmacy). Used in the service of a broader research agenda.


Coming Soon (potentially)


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