"Argument mapping" pilot test... (Spring, 2009)

An Overview of Logic, Argument Mapping, and Medical Decision-Making
A narrated UMConnect (AKA Breeze) presentation describing the pilot "argument mapping" project occurring in Phar 6112 during Spring 2009.

Contact brown123@umn.edu for questions, comments, additional info on the project... I'd love to hear from you if you are simply interested in this topic and might want to collaborate in any manner!

This pilot is part of a much bigger project, focused on decision analysis and tools / techniques for teaching, practicing, and applying these topics/skills within a variety of contexts...

Here is the link to a site describing that larger picture (still in progress):
(includes the start of a bibliography of related links and articles)...

The Phar 6112 Pilot of Technologies and Process...

Relevant Case Resources:


  1. Captured audio/video of a case walk-through in Phar6112 (March 12)
  2. Annotated the captured video using VideoAnt (http://ant.umn.edu/)
    Use this link to VIEW the annotated video: http://ant.umn.edu/vav.php?pid=59216434455510
    (NOTE: First 48 seconds of the video does NOT have audio)
  3. Use bCisive to diagram the dialogue presented in the video
    Dialogue map (using bCisive)
  4. Create an argument map (using Rationale), using the dialogue map as a guide (DONE)
    Argument map (using Rationale)
  5. Complete basic overview of the theory, research, and (pilot) study design in UMConnect
  6. Create summary of the pilot, coupled with evaluation/comments area
  7. Present summary and results to Phar6112
  8. Meld this work into larger framework (.....work in progress.....)