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Current Efforts:

The Spring 2009 Phar 6112 Pilot of an Argument Mapping Strategy

Additional Resources (in need of categorization; soon! Articles require Acrobat Reader):

Breakey, K M; Levin, D; Miller, I.; Hentges, K E (2008).  The Use of Scenario-Based-Learning Interactive Software to Create Custom Virtual Laboratory Scenarios for Teaching Genetics Genetics 179: 1151-1155.

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van Gelder, T. J. - Dr. Tim van Gelder is a primary researcher in the arena of argument mapping. This is a list of his articles, maintained by Dr. van Gelder.

The Teachable Agents Group at Vanderbilt University -

Key articles:

Blair, K., Schwartz, D., Biswas, G. & Leelawong, K. (2006). Pedagogical Agents for Learning by Teaching: Teachable Agents , Educational Technology & Society , Special Issue on Pedagogical Agents.

Jeong, H., Gupta, A., Roscoe, R., Wagster, J., Biswas, G., & Schwartz, D. (2008). Using Hidden Markov Models to Characterize Student Behavior Patterns in Computer-based Learning-by-Teaching Environments , Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 9th International Conference , Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5091, B. Woolf, et al. (eds.), Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 614-625, 2008., Montreal, Canada.

The databaseof articles housed at The Teachable Agents Group web site -