Richard W. Brown, Ph.D.

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I have worked in a variety of corporate and higher-education settings. Please download a copy of an abbreviated version of my resumé for future reference.

I consult or contract with organizations where I can assist with the creation and evaluation of training and job aids intended to improve performance. I can assist with any stage of the ADDIE model or, working with your subject-matter experts (SMEs), systematically design a complete training package.

I design using a process I call ADDIE 2.0 that includes three enhancements to the standard ADDIE model. These are:

  1. Explicit inclusion of the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Training Evaluation as a necessary component to all training packages..
  2. An iterative review process during the design and development phases of the ADDIE process, working with the client and/or SME to ensure final products meet expectations..
  3. Incorporating strategies that take advantage of learners capacities for critical self-reflection and monitoring. This encourages both depth of processing and independent learning capacities through time.

Consulting activities have included projects aimed at bringing access to college-level courses to researchers and staff in Antarctica, and higher-education institutions in southern Russia. I served as a commissioner on the Presidential Web-Based Education Commission.