Products and Services

Systematic Instructional Design

I design using a process I call ADDIE 2.0 that includes three enhancements to the standard ADDIE model. These are:

  1. Using Kirkpatrick's evaluation model, and detailing a complete evaluation plan during the instructional design process helps ensure client big-picture needs are satisfied.
  2. An iterative review process during the design and development phases of the ADDIE process, working with the client and/or SME to ensure final products meet expectations..
  3. Incorporating strategies that take advantage of learners capacities for critical self-reflection and monitoring. This encourages both depth of processing and independent learning capacities through time.

I walk clients through a systematic (and well-documented) instructional design process. This well documented process assists with the continuous improvement of quality training experiences and results.

Training in
Systematic Instructional Design

I will train your staff to become self-sufficient in the science of Instructional Systems Design. As a result, your staff will obtain (and practice within your organization) the knowledge and skills necessary to create and maintain high-quality instructional modules and curricula. Training can occur online or face-to-face. In addition, I offer ongoing support and counsel.

Ongoing Support and/or
Delivery of Instruction

After I have assisted you in the design and development of your training or educational materials, I can provide ongoing support in the form of ongoing evaluation, revision, and/or delivery of self-instructional or instructor-facilitated materials.

Video Production

(audio via text-to-speech generator)

Over time, I have designed and implemented narrated videos for many projects. Using text-to-speech generators, or live voice-over talent, and a variety of production tools, I am able to produce high-quality videos for a variety of purposes.

Video production is also a hobby of mine. I thoroughly enjoy the process of storyboarding, scripting, and production. I am always willing to share my tips and tricks, so your staff can become proficient, too!

Interactive Modules


I have extensive experience using both Captivate and Articulate Storyline to create highly interactive modules. These modules typically implement case-based learning strategies to give students practice navigating and decision-making in authentic situations.