Products and Services

Needs Assessment
and Planning
Needs are best defined as a gap between what is and what should be (in measurable terms). At ESDI, we understand that success is measured by what happens outside of the classroom or training session - answering the question of whether your needs have been satisfied. Defining these needs prior to deciding on training or educational goals is critical for measuring success post implementation.

Any and all stages of the
Instructional Design Process

Dr. Brown studied under Dr. Walter Dick, a well-known pioneer in the field of Instructional Systems Design. At ESDI, we utilize (and refine, based on our experience) the "Dick and Carey" model of instructional design. More information about this model, and the associated stages and processes, can be found within the Free Products and Services area of this site.
Training in Instructional Design
We will train your staff to become self-sufficient in the science of Instructional Systems Design. As a result, your staff will obtain (and practice within your organization) the knowledge and skills necessary to create and maintain high-quality instructional modules and curricula. Training can occur online or face-to-face. In addition, we offer ongoing support and counsel.

Ongoing Support and/or
Delivery of Instruction

After we have assisted you in the design and development of your training or educational materials, we can provide (on an ongoing basis) ongoing support in the form of ongoing evaluation, revision, and/or delivery of self-instructional or instructor facilitated materials.

Study Skills Training
(Small group or one-on-one)

Helping others become self-sufficient as lifelong learners is an integral part of the ESDI mission. We offer a small but essential set of study skills modules that can help your students achieve in the classroom or in other informal learning environments or projects. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of these modules and can offer ongoing long-term support for students.

Through the regular use of these essential study skills, students not only achieve better results during the learning process but they attain the confidence and satisfaction required to sustain ongoing effort in any learning situation. Our ongoing support can help them hone their skills and problem-solve in unique and unfamiliar situations.

Interactive Training/Educational Modules

ESDI utilizes Articulate Storyline to create highly interactive modules. These modules typically rely on case- or scenario-based learning strategies to provide practice with real-world situations, providing both consequences and advice based on user decisions within the module.

Here is an example, embedded in this web page, below.